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Inside Facebook’s Data Center

Most big internet companies won’t invite you to tour their data center, let alone lunch on site. But with an open source strategy to server and networking design, the social web giant Facebook invited tech reporters to do just that. If you’re curious to see one of the global giants’ data center, check out this behind the scenes look from Techcrunch.

MIT Robots Enter the Labor Ward

The amount of information nurses and doctors need to process in order to make quick decisions can be daunting. A new MIT research suggests that robots can serve as a great resource to nurses that are administrating tasks in the labor ward, such as assigning nurses to patients. In the test unit, the staff was following the suggestion of the NAO robot 90% of the time. Would you trust a robot to help deliver your baby?

The Floppotron!

Flash is a master of many things and a true disruptor in the industry. But have you ever heard flash create a single sound?  When storage was still magnetic and computing environments revolved around moving parts, home computers, offices and data centers were a cacophony of noise. But what if that noise was turned into music? A student of the Polish AGH University of Science and Technology built an orchestra made of floppy drives. It might be the best thing you’ve seen (and heard) all day.

AI Brings Picasso into Your Pocket

Do you think of Instagram when you think filters for photography? Now get ready the next level. This new app uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to scan your image data and paint a truly spectacular painting for you. See how you can get a little Picasso in your pocket.

7 Open Source Games to Advance Programming Skills

Gaming is a serious business. In the U.S. alone, it’s a 25 billion dollar market. How to get your students thinking about a future career in the industry? Here are 7 games leveraging open source that students can play and see the technology enabling it.

The Dronestagram

The annual Dronestagram competition, initiated by National Geographic, has publically announced its winners, and the results are stunning. Flying high above the ground drones have moved from military engagements and surveillance purposes to giving us fresh new perspectives of sports, nature and our world. See the winning pictures here.

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