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An airline's 48 minutes of downtime, 3D printers fight the apocalypse, and how an Arduino board will let you hack an $80,000 car - this is your week in tech!

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48 Minutes of Downtime

If an airline like Delta, that operates around 54.000 flights per day, struggles with a global “computer outage” (as they tweeted), you know it’s going to have severe consequences for thousands of passengers, and business. This latest failure in the airline’s in-flight status, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and delayed in airports around the globe, was reported to be caused by a power cut and a failed failover (pun intended) to a backup. So before you read more, this is the time to put your failover to a test.

The Dawn of the Apocalypse? Worry Not and Turn On Your 3D Printer

Have you heard about preppers? These are folks preparing for their, and their family’s, survival through the upcoming doomsday. If you picture a basement filled with canned goods, think again. The use of 3D printers seems to have become increasingly popular among survivalists. 3D printers might not be able to print food (yet), but if your favorite hardware store closed down, was looted, or taken over by zombies, it gives you the opportunity to print your desired tool. As long as you remembered to install some solar panels, too. More on how to print your way through the apocalypse.

All You Need is a $40 Board to Drive Away With an $80,000 Car

A project led by a computer scientist at the University of Birmingham exposed a huge vulnerability of around 100 million cars from the German Volkswagen group: a simple, $40 Arduino board (plus quite some skill) is all that’s needed to hack into cars’ locking mechanism and lets thieves drive away without having to use any force.  According to the scientist, the security issue is not new at all and likely related to slow product cycles and flawed encryption and protocols that continue to be used even in recent models. Here’s what the 60 second crack is all about.

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Public Cloud Spend Will Rise by $100B in Five Years

With the exponential growth of data, storage is undoubtedly a growing market. But the latest prediction of International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts are impressing, with the aaS (Software as a Service, Storage as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, etc) market to reach the $195B mark by 2020. All roads lead to the cloud. Vendors better have fitting solutions and IT mangers will need to contend with more departments deploying SaaS directly. Here’s more on what’s ahead on The Register.

How Open is the Future for Open Source?

Open Source has taken over vast parts of the industry. From the data center to our hand held devices, contemporary IT would not exist as it does without taking advantage of some Open Source technology. But what became a massive movement based on direct coding democracy is facing challenges as well. From issues with funding for certain projects to barriers to entry, the interest of the industry and the community often collide. So what’s the new way forward? The Wired has more.



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