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From tech Brexit to Red Hat summit and how IoT just got even more intimate - here is the week's top tech news!

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The IoT Toothbrush

IoT just got a little more intimate. If watching yourself brushing teeth in front of a mirror never felt close enough, you might enjoy what a Chicago-based startup chewed up for us: a 10MP camera built into an electric toothbrush, capable of streaming 1080p to your smart phone, so you can make sure you don’t miss a spot. Now let’s just hope it’s not connected to your Facebook account. Read it here.

Brexit Update

Most of the UK tech scene woke up with a giant, confused Brexit headache last week and now analysts are trying to predict what impact it will have. A current prognosis sees many tech companies leaving the island, with cities like Berlin and Dublin ready to absorb the anxious tech refugees. However, there are some optimists that remain hopeful about the big opportunity ahead for tech in the UK. So if you’re not ready to give up hope, this article is an interesting read.

RedHat Summit Wrap-Up

Red Hat summit was at center stage of tech this week. And if you have been too busy to read all the press releases around the event, The Register sums up what’s new in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux world – what’s hot, and what’s not. Catch up here.

Man Marries His Smartphone. Yes, Seriously. 

How many people do you know that can’t ever be without their smart phones? Maybe you are even one of them? LA resident Aaron Chervenak decided to make a point about how dependent people are on their smartphones by marrying his device last month in Las Vegas. Till death do us part.

Infographic: CIOs Reveal IT Hiring Trends

If you are looking for a job in tech, this article might be of great interest to you. Robert Half Technology held 2,500 phone interviews with CIOs about latest hiring trends and just released the results of this new survey. So what are the hot hiring cities and what skills are on demand? Check out the infographic here.

3 Steps to Modernize Your Oracle Data Center

The Performance Leader: Fusion ioMemory™ Achieves 3rd TPC-H World Record!

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