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Some might say that those in the high-tech sector are interested in coding and hardware benchmarks only. But Valentine’s Day is here, and we want to prove just how much we do express our love and compassion, even if a little bit differently… We know that you have a thing for data visualization, neat cable jobs and the next best cloud match, just like us. So here’s to you, IT universe: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who’ll Be Big Data’s Significant Other?

Does Big Data have feelings? And does it truly feel it belongs? Within the elements that make up IT, E.G. Nadhan looks at who would be Big Data’s perfect match.

For the Love of Gadgets

Valentine’s Day is all about love. And gadgets. And the love of buying Valentine’s Day tech gadgets for our loved ones. According to the National Retail Foundation, $19,7 billion dollars are being spent on gifts for Valentine’s Day! So go ahead and dive into the best tech for celebrating your special day (or not).

Roses are Red, Cables are Blue

Neat appearance might not be all, but it’s about time to show some love to an essential room in your life, and to groom it for this Valentine’s Day. Indulge in some breathtaking cable jobs and get some inspiration for your server room! Employers’ advisory: clicking on the link might lead to night-long obsessive behavior in data centers all over the world!

My Love for Big Data

Big Data may be our next superhero. Gary Lyng professes his love for Big Data and shares four ways it’s changing our world like we never knew possible.

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Cloud?

Has your organization found the right cloud to be dear to its heart? We know, your next cloud love might not last forever, yet with these 10 questions, you might be able to find the right cloud provider to be by your side when you need them the most!

All Angles Complementary

If you care for someone, you shouldn’t hide your true self. Evil Mad Scientist Labs have released their latest set of nerdy Valentines, see if they’re right for you:

Evil Mad Scientist Valentines: 2016 Edition

Evil Mad Scientist Valentines: 2016 Edition

And if those aren’t enough, the team from Continuum Analytics designed Valentine’s card for #AnacondaCrew, open data science developer community. Get some ‘LuvBytes’:

Continuum Analytics Luvbytes

Continuum Analytics’ Luvbytes


Happy Valentine’s Day from the SanDisk® IT Blog!

Why We Love Big Data

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