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The Revolution of the Nanobot!

When thinking of the future of robotics, we mostly think of friendly, human-sized and human-looking machines that assist us in our daily chores, play baseball with our kids or do the dishes. But a recent invention presents us with the world’s tiniest engine, small enough to power machines that would enter a living cell. Read more!

VR Reaches New Senses

When thinking virtual reality, we mostly think of creating immersive audio and visual environments. But considering the human senses, there is way more to reality than just that. Dexta Robotics introduced exoskeleton gloves that literally push back using force feedback. Users experience the amount of pressure as applied to a given object. This technology has the potential to revolutionize many applications – from medical use to bomb disassembly, to name just a few. Read it here.

Is Paper the Next Big IoT?

The University of Washington teamed up with an entertainment giant to research what could be another big break through in the IoT universe – paper. By linking paper with the digital world, using very simple, cheap and off-the-shelf RFID tags, paper is enhanced with sensing capabilities capable of reading gesture commands. More here.

Do Smart Devices Actually Make You Smarter?

The outcome of a recent study on how our brains process information from screens vs. good ol’ paper is worrying: digital devices seem to create a sort of tunnel vision where the focus is almost exclusively on factual information without considering context, while processing abstract ideas on printed paper allowed the subjects to read between the lines. Should we abandon our screens now? Maybe for print the article and decide for yourself!

Cloud Goes Flash

How do top cloud providers build infrastructure to support a range of workloads, use cases, and I/O patterns? The reality is that more workloads are moving to flash every day. In fact, SanDisk® enables the top 12 worldwide Internet properties and cloud providers. Gary Lyng has more on the power of flash for cloud services.

Infographic: New Mars Weather Report

Planning your next trip to Mars, but can’t decide when to go? Just as much as you wouldn’t want to visit parts of Asia during the monsoon season, Mars has seasons too – and they look beautiful when mapped out graphically. Thanks to NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, we now have a pretty clear picture about the seasonal cycles on Mars, and just how cold those cold spells are. Your weekly infographic is here.

Accelerate and Optimize Big Data and Hadoop

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