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Peek into the Big Three’s Data Centers

If you are like us, you like data centers. You likely also enjoy peeking into other company’s data centers, especially if it’s the secret ones of the giants of the web. Google, Microsoft and Facebook opened their doors to offer a glimpse into their sacred halls, alongside a few interesting data points. For example, did you know that Facebook only needs one technician for every 26,000 servers? Or how about the fact that their arctic data center in Sweden is so huge that employees need scooters to get around? Here are a few amazing facts about the world’s largest data centers.

Should Our Future Rely on AI? President Obama and Joi Ito Discuss

The current presidential campaign has been dubbed the ugliest in U.S. history. So we suggest you take a small break to read the discussion between current U.S. president, Barack Obama, and MIT Media Lab director, Joi Ito, about technology, its moral challenges, and how AI will impact our world’s future. The hope, the hype, and the fear of AI – read it on Wired.

Can the Cloud Save Big Data?

Running a successful Big Data project on existing infrastructure, that wasn’t built out for the rigor and speed required, can be a daunting experience.  A recent survey came to the conclusion that 88% of respondents had one or more failed attempts to deploy a Big Data strategy, and Gartner recently said that the Big Data celebration might even be over. What are the real obstacles ahead and can the cloud come to the rescue? Find out here.

Windows Server 2016 is Here! This is What The Register Had to Say

Microsoft® announced they’re bringing the cloud to the masses with Windows Server 2016, giving people the amount of cloud they demand, similar to what they did with NT for server technology 20 years ago. The Register got a first look at Windows Server 2016 and shares what’s hot and what’s not. Here’s what they had to say.

Ada Lovelace, Bernoulli and the Gauss Schoolboy Problem

Did you know it was Ada Lovelace Day this week? Every year, on the second Tuesday in October, we celebrate the woman who is widely hailed as the first computer programmer, long time before computers were actually invented. Writing some of her most influential papers as early as 1842, Ada Lovelace has inspired generations of both men and women with her vision and mathematic genius. Her set of instructions (program) to calculate Bernoulli’s Numbers using the Wolfram Language can now be explored in an interactive notebook – learn it here.

Amazon Web Services and VMware Overcome Rivalry

When two giants of storage technology join forces for a new offering, the industry stops to hear what it’s all about. With “VMware Cloud on AWS,” the new ties between the companies seem to be laid out for a long-term commitment: AWS will be VMware’s primary public cloud infrastructure partner, and VMware will be AWS’s primary private cloud partner. What you need to know about the new hybrid offering.

Software-Defined, Flash Accelerated at VMworld Europe 2016

Where Your Data Center Needs to be_Tomorrow (Part II)

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