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This week in tech: a real world babel fish, the queen embraces driverless cars , and why there are more devices than humans.

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The Babel Fish Gets a Tech Equivalent?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had many items in stock that we wish we had at our disposal. The famous Babel Fish is certainly among those – a real-time translator (in the Hitchhiker’s case, a little fish) in our ears that lets us comprehend even the most outrageous alien language.

A small outfit called Waverley Labs claims that they have an earpiece in the making that is the non-fishy high-tech equivalent. Does The Register believe the hype? Jump to the article!

More Devices than Humans

At some point in 2014, the number of connected devices surpassed that of humans on this planet, and according to Cisco, by 2020-2030 this number will have reached the 50bn mark. But it’s not just the past few years that have bestowed us with more devices connecting us, measuring our every more and automizing processes in the background. The history of machine-to-machine, or M2M, goes back to the 30s.

So if you want to know how the grandmother of your smart light bulb was operating and how things have advanced, don’t skip this great read on Silicon Republic!

A Driverless Future – Will the Queen Fire her Driver?

If Queen Elizabeth cuts the red tape for driverless cars at the state opening of the British parliament, we can safely assume that either the Queen isn’t satisfied with the performance of her driver, or that the UK is about to up the innovation game on driverless cars.

Read more on the Modern Transport Bill and how it might help to transform our roads to driverless driving!

One Storage Protocol to Rule Them All?

There are many ways to access data that’s stored on persistent storage or storage arrays. CIFS/SMB, NFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, ISER are part of a long list that’s a headache to many storage administrators. So, will we ever see a unified storage protocol to rule them all? An interesting discussion emerges. Chris Evans, the Storage Architect, has more.

For the Love of Data

We all know this situation: we collected amazing data, and now we are stuck with this spread sheet, or Power Point, trying to figure out how get the message across. Sure, infographics are spectacular, but there is a reason why the people behind these mind-blowing designs are called visualization artists.

If that sounds awfully familiar, we might have something for you for our weekly infographic highlight. This article doesn’t only showcase some beautiful infographics, it also has some great tips on how to better visualize your data.

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