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More security breaches, Atari goes IoT and robots get muscles. Here's the week's top tech news!

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Security Breaches Times a Billion

Makers of gadgets and connected devices are all are hard pressed to bring products to the market before the competition does; and thus, many turn up at our doorsteps with us as beta-testers not just for function, but also for security. Datamation takes a closer look at the IoT security challenge and how to close the network’s back doors.

When Robots Get Muscles

Robotic movements are still machine, servo engine powered machine movements. And that’s exactly what they look like. New research at Harvard University shows the first prototypes of an artificial muscle that can help imitate human movement, and help robots become much more like us. Get to know the vacuum-actuated muscle-inspired pneumatic structures.

Electric Lego

If building amazing things with Lego isn’t challenging enough for your kids anymore (or for yourself), here’s a nice way to turn the kids room into an advanced electronic lab: Brixio Smart Lab found a way to build Lego-compatible blocks that add internet connectivity, electronic sensors, motors and lights to your existing rig. Parents watch out: if something is marching out your kids room that isn’t your kid, it might be a home made Legobot! Read it here.

Atari IoT? Oh, Dear Space Invaders…

The ones among us that actually grew up in the 70s and 80s will remember the excitement this name infused us with: Atari! For those eagerly waiting for a new gaming console, we sadly have to disappoint you – you’re still stuck searching for used models on Craig’s List. But those that actually want to see what Atari can cook up in the modern age, there is hope. The company is shifting towards connected home and smart devices. Atari IoT? Go ahead and read the article.

Your New Virtual Assistant

It’s an issue with us humans; we constantly need something new. In the case of virtual assistants, have you grown tired of all the Siris, Alexas, and Cortanas, and need a new sidekick? Look no further. PCWorld has gathered five new and exciting assistants that are here to serve. What can they do, and can they do it well? Click here.

Podcast! Get Your vSphere Caching On

Need to tune out this weekend? VMware’s Virtually Speaking Podcast brought together VMware’s legendary Cormac Hogan and Rich Peterson from SanDisk® to walk  through VAIO and FlashSoft 4.0. Tune in to hear about a big step forward for server-side solid-state caching for VMware vSphere. Listen to the 30 minute podcast here.

38 Million NOPM! Business Critical Performance on VMware All-Flash Virtual SAN

Think Big! Why Flash Isn’t (Just) About Performance

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