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Virtual world ahead! Facebook shares 10-year plan

Announcing the plan for the next ten years seems like a stretch for a company that’s only ten years old, but we are speaking about Facebook after all. Looking at what’s ahead from the perspective of the social media giant is rather thrilling and includes Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and drones. Read it here.

Neural networks – surveillance meets smart cameras

Thirty million surveillance cameras and four billion hours of video surveillance are recorded each and every week. But only 5% of these cameras are actually monitored by a human. The rest is just recorded until something regrettable happened and evidence is needed. Are smart cameras, based on neural networks, the answer to reducing crime and accidents? TechCrunch has more.

DNA-based storage gets very real

Need more space for your data center? Try DNA! Not only could your data center shrink down to the size of a sugar cube, but it’ll last for thousands of years. Just don’t accidently dissolve it in your coffee… ComputerWorld shares the latest on reading and retrieving digital images through DNA sequencing.

How Big Data will help to conserve our oceans 

The use cases for Big Data are many, but those harnessed to make our planet a better, safer, and more sustainable place are certainly the most exciting. See why ocean conservation efforts are on the verge of a major advances thanks to satellite images and Big Data – read more here.

Infographic: city weather patterns explode

Data can be overwhelming. For most people it’s hard to extract any real insight using traditional tables or graphs. But this is where visualization comes into play – an art form in itself that tries to take complex, massive amounts of information and transform it into something that we can comprehend in a short glance. And it’s often also stunningly beautiful. Check out the latest project of Chicago-based designer Nicholas Rougeux who created colorful visualizations of city weather patterns.

Flash in the Cloud – SanDisk® at Linux and OpenStack Events

FlashSoft and VAIO: It’s Time to See It for Yourself

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