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What Does it Takes to Become an Olympic Champion? Technology.

It takes talent; thousands of hours of hard training; dedication; the will to suffer and sacrifice, and cutting edge technology to optimize performance. If you want to learn more about how the world’s top athletes are utilizing technology to gain their winning edge, this is your article.

A New Home? 100 New Exoplanets Discovered 

Heard about Kepler, the gigantic multi-billion dollar telescope operated by NASA? The mission’s stage 2 (Kepler 2 or K2) has by now found over 100 potentially inhabitable planets. A new, short documentary interviews some of the major minds behind the mission, and details the findings in a way that even comprehensible to average mortals without a PhD in astrophysics. If you ever wondered if we are alone in the universe, or not, this is for you. 

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Binge Watching TV May Kill You

A new Japanese research comes to a grim conclusion that should be carefully considered by those spending too much time in front of Netflix: binge watching can, literally, kill you. The chances of pulmonary embolism goes up dramatically with every additional hour you spend in front of the TV. The good news, research also shows that exercise, and particularly endurance sports, is not just healthy, it also helps in learning how to better deal with stress. Here’s why you should rethink your daily habits.

Computing Will Consume More Electricity than We Can Produce

The Semiconductor Industry Association’s very latest roadmap on the future of Moore’s Law has some worrying findings. It concludes that the industry is approaching a point in which economics, not physics, will become the roadblock to Moore’s law. But probably more interesting to note is that on our current trajectory, computing will need more electricity than the world can produce in less than 30 years. Here’s more on the bleak perspective.

Thanks to Silicon Valley, the World is Starting to Look the Same Everywhere

If you travel the globe for work you have probably noticed a strange phenomenon: just like Facebook streamlines the user experience in the timeline through optimization algorithms, the same is happening in the physical realm. Restaurants and coffee shops around the globe are starting to look more and more alike. Hotel rooms and Airbnb rentals have created a global bland mixture of the unfamiliar, yet completely recognizable. If you are up for a long, yet fascinating read about the rise of aesthetic homogeneity, this article is a must read.

Western Digital Expands the Possibilities of Data at Flash Memory Summit

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