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The Presidential Debate Through a Big Data Lens

The Trump-Clinton showdown broke TV debate ratings record with 84 million viewers. Regardless of your political views, there’s a lot to learn from Big Data and how the debate looked through a social media lens. So how did the web react and what resonated most (or least) with voters? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Candidates and Their Standpoint on Tech

If the social media stats aren’t enough presidential race data for you, another important question you might be asking yourself is where do the candidates stand on key issues affecting the tech industry? From cybersecurity, to privacy, and STEM, TechRepublic looks at where the candidates stand on tech’s future.

Free Pizza En Route to Mars. No Joke.

Elon Musk has big plans for all kinds of things, including his vision to set up camp on Mars. A few days ago he allowed a first glimpse into the future of establishing the first fully operating, and soon-to-be autonomous, settlement on Mars. Travel includes a slew of new technology, 19K mph speeds, and free pizza for all onboard the spaceship. Wired’s Nick Stockton provides his commentary as Musk marches on to save humanity.

Geek Gene? Nope, It’s Hard Work After All

If you are part of the brain power driving the high-tech industry, it’s not natural talents that brought you there, but apparently good teachers and hard work. The University of Toronto recently published a paper that crushed the popular idea that people are naturally gifted to be great coders and developers. In other words: anyone can do it granted they have the right teachers and a nurturing environment. “It is easier for the CS education community to believe that some students ‘have it’ and others do not than it is for the community to come to terms with the shortfalls of our pedagogical approaches and assessment tools.” What do you think?

Sci-Fi Movie Shot by Pre-Programmed Drones

What could easily be disregarded as just another gimmicky drone flick, sounds actually promising from a content and tech perspective. Shot with pre-programmed, autonomous drones, this grim romantic Sci-Fi films looks at how drone technology will affect our lives in a future of surveillance. The lack of human camera operators is more than just a headline grabber, it attempts to provide a critical look into a technology that can cater as a tool of oppression or liberation. Read it here.

Between Data Storage and Diversity: Open Source Trends

Why You Should Care About Object Storage

bring your data to life

Today’s digital economy with mobile, IoT and cloud is based on the value of data. How do you unlock it? Download the infographic to learn more: