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These past few weeks have been very busy, but exciting for us. We were invited to participate in Stephen Foskett’s Storage Field Day #3 in Denver. For those of you who have presented or been a delegate to one of these events you understand the depth of the technical discussions. While Stephen always has a great group of delegates at these events, those at SFD3 were truly outstanding. Here are links to information on FlashSoft as a result of SFD3:

SanDisk®, FlashSoft, and the Economics of Caching
Core SanDisk FlashSoft Caching Technology
SanDisk FlashSoft for VMware vSphere
SanDisk FlashSoft Performance Results
The above videos are also posted on Vimeo.

Delegate Blog Posts
SanDisk’s FlashSoft Paints a Bullseye on Server Side Caching, Chris Wahl of Wahl Network
Flash Cache Acceleration with Pernix Data and SanDisk FlashSoft, by Ilja Coolen
Storage Field Day 3 Recap, by Justin Paul

Where to Catch FlashSoft Next…

VMware User Group (VMUG) Conferences
If you are in the Philadelphia area attending the VMUG on May 23, you can hear all about FlashSoft in our session from 2:45 to 3:30pm – Serving Up Flash-Based Technology in VMware

We will also be in Charlotte on June 6 and Indianapolis on July 25.

NetApp Partner Academy
This Spring we are joining NetApp to deliver education and training to the NetApp Channel Partners across North America. SanDisk is a NetApp Server Cache Partner with its FlashSoft software validated by NetApp for compatibility with Data OnTAP. FlashSoft works with NetApp data management and data protection solutions so that FlashSoft may be deployed without disruption to existing storage infrastructure and policies, learn more about our joint solutions.

If you would like to see our entire event calendar or more information on FlashSoft, please go to FlashSoft-Connect.


SanDisk® Partners with NetApp to Deliver Server-Based Caching for Enterprise Applications

New Product Release! FlashSoft 3.2 Software for Windows Server and Linux

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