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On the second day of Interop Expo, April 1-3, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, SanDisk® invited attendees to ‘A Glass of Flash’ – an opportunity for event guests to chat with our executives and learn about our portfolio of enterprise SSD solutions while enjoying a bright red Pomegranate Cocktail.

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The blend of ingredients came together for a refreshing, sweet and sour concoction that was perfect for the trade show floor. And just as the ingredients needed to come together for a great cocktail so do the storage elements for the next era in cloud computing.

Instead of sweet and sour, cloud computing needs to have a blend comprised of the lowest latency storage for mission-critical transaction processing and high-density storage options that run at reduced power and cooling requirements.

Satisfying the quench for cloud era storage are SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions., highlighted by our announcement of the revamped CloudSpeedTM family of SATA SSDs.. Cloud computing and high-density storage solutions used to mean one-sized SATA had to fit all workload use cases; Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

SanDisk CloudSpeed family

SanDisk CloudSpeed™ family of SATA SSDs

Today, SanDisk CloudSpeed SATA has a distinct flash SATA model for specific kinds workloads and endurance requirements needed for the cloud era: Write-Intensive, Read-Intensive, Mixed read/write I/O, and a model that supports 10 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day)*.

  • CloudSpeed Extreme™ – High Performance Computing (HPC), Database logging, Databases, and Data Warehouses
  • CloudSpeed Ultra™ – For Email servers, Financial Transactions, and E-Commerce
  • CloudSpeed Ascend™ – For File Serving, Web-based applications, and VTL
  • CloudSpeed Eco™ – For photo sharing, Web Servers, and Media Streaming

Experiencing Interop

Interop has expanded to involve several new verticals and topics—moving from just networking, to a focus on security, cloud, mobility, education, virtualization and storage – showcasing and demonstrating a broad set of new technologies.

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The packed floor brought everything from end-users in the field of education and life sciences doing big data analytics, to HPC customer who were excited about the opportunities enabled by the ULLtraDIMM SSD, holding large datasets and with a sub 5 microsecond latency.

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Visitors that stopped by the booth are always excited to touch the products and marvel at the open tri-fold design of the Lightning Read-Intensive SAS SSD that showcases a 1.6TB capacity. They get to see how an enterprise drive is actually constructed, the placement of the NAND, ASIC, and capacitors and are always surprised at how much storage capacity can fit into such a small form factor.
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Data Center solutions should offer the right mix to support your unique application needs and appetite for costs – our portfolio of hardware and software solutions, and a great team of experts will help ensure you will find the best blend.

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What does the industry say? Read some of the CloudSpeed highlights:

  • Forbes: “These products are bringing speed to cloud storage.”
  • Sci-Tech: “Organizations are moving quickly to structure data centers that can handle this era of big data.”
  • V3: “This approach means that organisations only need to qualify the CloudSpeed product family once and can then use it across a broad set of enterprise workloads, ranging from cloud computing and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), to high-performance computing (HPC) and online transaction processing (OLTP).”
  • The Register: “With the new range we have a wide range of endurance, with the Eco having a 1.051 petabytes written rating over its life time, the Ascend 1.752 PBW, the Ultra 4.38 PBW and the Extreme 14.6 PBW.”
  • Inquirer: “The four SATA flash drives will be released under the Cloudspeed product range, aimed at mixed use data centre and cloud computing environments.”
  • Data Center Knowledge: “FlashGuard combines Aggregated Flash Management and Advanced Signal Processing to reliably extract significantly more life from cost-effective 19nm MLC flash, making it suitable for read-intensive application workloads.”

– Chris Marsh, Product Marketing Manager

*Warranty/DWPD – The lesser of 5 years from the date of manufacture of the product or the date on which the product’s relevant endurance thresholds set forth in the product specifications are reached. For the CloudSpeed Eco Lesser of 3 years or maximum endurance used.

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