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Understand the three foremost tasks managers, CIOs and CFOs are confronted with, as data centers undertake virtualization and pursue cloud computing

Steve Fingerhut

Vice President of Marketing, Enterprise Storage Solutions

Last week, Coraid announced support for SanDisk® 1.6 TB Optimus™SAS SSDs on the EtherDrive SRX6000 Series Storage Platform, a scale-out storage platform optimized for I/O intensive applications, such as server virtualization, web applications and cloud environments.

Comparing to their previous EtherDrive SRX models, the solution offers more than double the throughput and up to five times the IOPS.  To quantify that, an EtherDrive SRX6000 enclosure with Optimus SSDs delivers more than 700,000 IOPS, sustained transfer rates in excess of 4,800 MB/s and 38.4TB flash capacity in a 2U form factor. What this means is the ability to deliver both high performance and high storage density in a scale-out storage platform where space and power efficiency are paramount.

SanDIsk SSD reliability

As data centers undertake virtualization strategies and pursue cloud computing environments to achieve efficiencies that address the rapid growth of data and the inherit complexity of data management and resources, data center managers, CIO’s and CFO’s are confronted with three foremost tasks: achieving high performance, cost-efficiency, and reliability.

Performance – Applications deployed in virtualized and web environments require higher performance demands of throughput and IOPS as server virtualization techniques put great strain on the storage environment. Even with most high-end building blocks, a storage system is only as fast as its slowest component. Any bottleneck will directly impact overall performance levels. SSD deployment is rapidly growing, as flash affords far better speed and storage performance. But even SSDs have constriction that need to be addressed. Understanding ensuing bottlenecks of storage within the overall system, such as consistent latency, (a topic Brian Cox addressed recently on our blog), or the role of caching software in application performance (Rich Petersen lays out the benefits of the latest FlashSoft release), is key to enabling a system that can perform better to meet application and workload needs.

Cost-efficiency – Data center infrastructures are evolving to hyperscale dimensions. Storage solutions need to be able to scale for both capacity and performance, but they also need to address what may be the most primary ensuing concern – total cost of ownership (TCO).

TCO may be the biggest challenge businesses and enterprises face amid the onslaught of big data. As infrastructures scale, they often require more space, power consumption and cooling needs, impacting resource management and overall costs. John Scaramuzzo, senior vice president of Enterprise Storage Solutions, recent contribution to Network World provides recommendations on how to calculate the costs of SSDs to determine cost vs. performance and TCO for specific application environments.

Another critical component and consideration in achieving costs efficiencies is the ability of hardware and/or software solutions to integrate with existing infrastructure in order to improve performance. Adopting new solutions should not eventuate upgrading entire architectures, or render current investments unavailing.

Reliability – The bottom line for any IT decision maker is knowing that investment in their infrastructure will support demands and needs over time and afford high ROI. This means no hidden costs of component replacement due to failure or lack of endurance (a topic critical when deploying and managing SSDs due to their finite life cycle) and ensuring continuous, persistent uptime for business operation. Components need to offer system resiliency and endurance over time. When making investment and purchase decisions, component lifetime and performance level sustainability needs to be assured.

We are excited about our partnership with Coraid to deliver innovative flash implementations in scale-out storage systems, and to continue to deliver breakthrough performance and density of flash storage in cost-efficient, reliable solutions that address the most paramount challenges of today’s cloud and enterprise data centers.

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