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This week, I had the pleasure of joining a panel discussion about Flash and Virtualization at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California. I was speaking with a colleague who has attended the Flash Memory Summit regularly over the years, and he pointed out how much the event had changed.

“Just a few years ago, all anyone wanted to talk about was phones, phones, phones. And, tablets. Lots of tablets. This year, it’s all about the enterprise.”

I could only agree. It’s amazing how flash technology continues to change different parts of our world. Over the past two decades, flash has completely changed the world of consumer technology. Now it’s having just as great an impact in the enterprise.

There’s another difference that I noticed at the event. On my panel, the majority of the speakers talked about software, not hardware. Some, like me, spoke about software designed to apply enterprise flash to improve performance and scalability in virtual computing environments. However, our panel also included Alex Danilychev, Senior Storage Engineer at Citrix and Sandeep Uttamchandani, Technical Director Storage from VMware, who spoke about future opportunities to apply flash for their virtualization platforms.

In the year since our team last presented at Flash Memory Summit, our team has seen great changes: we became a part of the SanDisk® Enterprise Storage Solutions business, and have been growing the scale and scope of our technology development and business operations.

I couldn’t help but speculate that between this year’s Flash Memory Summit and next year’s, we will see significant changes in how flash is used in enterprise servers. We’ll see innovations that enable server-tier flash to more effectively complement flash in storage. And we’ll see continued innovation in applications of flash to solve I/O latency problems for virtualization.

And, as I look into my crystal ball to see the agenda for next year’s Flash Memory Summit, I predict that we’ll still be talking about the enterprise, software, and virtualization. There’s a lot more innovation ahead for us.



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