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Cassandra SummitSanDisk® at Cassandra Summit – Download SanDisk ZetaScale SDK for free



Most applications architected in the past 5 years (and beyond) are still designed with the assumption that the underlying storage is spinning media, aka hard disk drives (HDDs). But the storage market is changing fast, and flash is being implemented widely to support better performance, lower latency and improved scaling. But as the underlying hardware is changing, the applications themselves aren’t architected to fully utilize this new generation of storage. That means applications are limited in taking advantage of the full benefits flash provides.

Optimizing Applications for Flash

SanDisk ZetaScale, which was released earlier this year, is here to change that once and for all!Delivered as an SDK containing the ZetaScale library and API’s, ZetaScale software encapsulates the optimizations required to fully exploit flash and helps software developers to unleash the full speed flash has to offer, from inside your applications.

The ZetaScale SDK jump-starts the development process so you can quickly bring applications into the modern era and fully utilize flash.

10 Cool Things You Can do With ZetaScale Software

So what do we mean by that? Here are 10, no actually 11, cool things about ZetaScale and the SDK:

(1)   Optimizes applications so they receive the full capabilities of flash

(2)   Improves performance for applications in NoSQL domains such as Mongo, Cassandra, and Redis by 3 to 10x

(3)   Transaction support enables applications to write more than one object atomically

(4)   High performance with hardware crash data durability

(5)   Easily adds off heap storage to java applications

(6)   Eliminates compactions in log structure-based applications

(7)   ZetaScale can easily be added as a storage engine for distributed object storage applications/systems like Swift and Ceph

(8)   Enables in-memory compute applications to run with full flash capacity

(9)   Flash awareness, high parallelism, intelligent cache in ZetaScale enables a balanced system with large storage capacity and better TCO

(10)  Flash agonistic; ZetaScale supports any vendor’s brand of PCIe, SAS, SATA, DIMM or NVMe-based flash storage device

(11)  The ZetaScale SDK can be downloaded immediately so you can start building flash-optimized applications

ZetaScale runs on the operating systems Linux Centos 6.5 and Linux RHEL 6.5. For more details and to sign up for the SDK, keep on reading here.

Join us for our Lightning Talk at Cassandra Summit

Thursday September 11th at 7:05pm
Main Ballroom, Westin St. Francis Union Square, San Francisco

Flash storage is increasingly being adopted in the datacenter for use the Cassandra database that requires scalability and high availability without compromising performance.  In this session, we will outline an intelligent way to access flash storage utilizing software, in order to significantly increase read and write use cases.  Our benchmark results show substantial performance increases over stock Cassandra running on HDDs and on SSDs.  We will present use cases, key bench marks, major results and their TCO implications for customers interested in deploying Cassandra in their datacenters.

See you in San Francisco!

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