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Product Marketing Manager, SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions

I have been in this business a long time. As my twitter account proclaims, I used to naively think I would never fill up my old ST225 20 MB hard drive (HDD). I bet many of you reading this blog have never heard of an ST225. When it came out it won many editor’s choice awards because it was innovative in both physical size and capacity and performance. It allowed greater storage density and reduced power and cooling requirements. Well maybe not that last part because back then no one really talked about power envelopes and airflow requirements to the extent we do today. In regards to performance, it was a HDD after all and the competition was rack sized disk drives and the cutting edge 1.44MB floppy drive.

To get the Editor’s Choice today requires bringing an innovative product to market. It can include solving a custom problem in a new product or bring out a more cost effective solution. It might mean reducing the size, increasing the capacity and even increasing the performance as compared to alternative product in your market space. Today SanDisk® did that! We received the “Must Have Editor’s Choice Award!” from TweakTown and Paul Alcorn their Enterprise Storage Editor.

We did so with an “Overall TweakTown Rating” of 97% percent. Per TweakTown “Our Editor’s Choice Award is reserved for products which are undoubtedly the best in their category – they have barely any shortcomings, offer top notch performance, quality, features and the whole kitchen sink! If recommended our Editor’s Choice, it more than likely means we use it!”

In full disclosure, I write and speak about the SanDisk ULLtraDIMM continually because it is a great product that I have the privilege of promoting. It is always incredibly gratifying when a third party reviewer also validates these benefits, shares them with their audience and of course gives us a “Must Have Editor’s Choice Award!”

ULLtraDIMM Must Have Editor's Choice Award TweakTown

I would like to share some excerpts of the TweakTown review to highlight the benefits that led to the 97%. “With the players in position, SanDisk and Diablo are poised to radically alter server-side flash utilization. ULLtraDIMM will enable new designs for blade and microservers by eliminating HAD/RAID controllers, cabling, and complexity. SanDisk has displayed incredibly small servers with impressive storage density at several trade shows.”

I especially like the paragraph later where TweakTown talked about latency “A single ULLtraDIMM posted a score much lower than the competing devices, at .011ms…..The ULLtraDIMM easily blew away the competition, and SanDisk advises they routinely measure latency as low as .05. There is a distribution of I/O requests that lands below the average results presented during the measurement window.

Unfortunately, many test utilities are not well equipped to measure the ULLtraDIMM’s extreme low latency.” This validation of the product and key features was very exciting and to be honest gratifying. I will finish off this blog post with two additional quotes from the article that I feel summarize the benefits of the ULLtraDIMM SSD and its architecture.

ULLtraDIMM Latency 4K QD1

“One of the most telling metrics came during our base latency test. The ULLtraDIMM provided 1/3 of the latency of the competing drives, which is desirable for sporadic or bursty workloads. The underlying SSD performance is exposed once sustained workloads are applied, but the genius of the design lies in parallelism from multiple devices.” And “The ULLtraDIMM design removes complexity, components, and cabling from server designs.”

The Editor’s Choice award is great accomplishment but the SanDisk ULLtraDIMM SSD is just one of the exciting products in SanDisk broad portfolio of Application Acceleration and Flash Storage Solutions. To learn more about the ULLtraDIMM SSD and our other exciting solutions, stop on by our booth at Super Computing 2014 (SC14) or visit to learn more.

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