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DCS awards 2014 finalist

Continuing our fantastic award success over the past six months, among them Storage System Software Product of the Year, Best Solid State Storage Product of the Year and Visionary Product Award, we’ve been shortlisted for not one, but two DCS Awards this year!

What have we been shortlisted for?

Datacentre ICT Storage Hardware Product of the Year

Last year we announced ULLtraDIMM™ SSD, which delivers a brand new tier of ultra-low latency storage by placing flash as close as possible to the CPU. Since then, the ULLtraDIMM has gone on to win multiple awards in the storage industry for its unique, unrivalled design.

Powered by Diablo Technologies Memory Channel Storage (MCS), the ULLtraDIMM™ SSD provides ultra-low latency access, delivering an astounding five microsecond write latency, and cost effective storage, by connecting flash directly to the processor utilizing the existing DDR3 interface.

You can learn more about the ULLtraDIMM™ and what makes it worthy of your vote on our website:

Datacentre ICT Storage Software Product of the Year

Our second nomination is for SanDisk® FlashSoft. The FlashSoft software from SanDisk enables solid-state storage in the server to enhance storage performance with complete compatibility with your currently deployed storage systems. This cost-effective high performance flash solution delivers benefits to application performance, virtualization infrastructure, and storage efficiency.

For more information on FlashSoft and what makes it worthy of your vote, visit our website.

Vote now!

Voting for the DCS Awards is now open and we need your help in order to win!

Please visit the DCS Awards voting page here and choose:

  • Sandisk’s ULLtraDIMM™ SSD for Datacentre ICT Storage Hardware Product of the Year
  •   anDisk’s FlashSoft for Datacentre ICT Storage Software Product of the Year.

Make your vote count, vote before 1st May 2014.

Thank you for your continued support, watch out for the results on 15th of May, 2014.

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