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What a great time to be in the Storage industry! And I say this after having spent 15+ years in the industry. Storage is undergoing a major transformation as we move out of spinning disk drive technology and into the world of solid-state technology. The innovation this is driving is truly exciting to watch and even more exciting to be a part of.


Last week was a case in point as Storage Field Day 5 came to Silicon Valley. First of all, Stephen Foskett has done an amazing job of assembling truly talented, independent IT professionals and industry thought leaders as his delegates for the various Tech Field Day events. These delegates bring a wealth of real-world, hands-on knowledge to the event and are encouraged to ask the difficult questions and be candid in their thoughts and assessments. While at times, their being candid can sound harsh, it is not meant to be and it is this honest feedback that helps the presenting vendors hone their technology or at least the messaging regarding the technology (Bob Plankers shares some thoughts and takeaways on The Lone Sysadmin) The truly exciting part comes when the delegates themselves begin to have the “a-ha!” moment and start to see the vision of where the new technologies can lead. As a vendor this is so encouraging.



SanDisk® presented its ULLtraDIMM technology. ULLtraDIMM is a storage device that blurs the lines between memory and storage by connecting flash directly to the memory channel using the DIMM form factor. Its location in the system architecture enables it to communicate directly with the memory controller without routing through the I/O stack. As a result, it can deliver extremely low and consistent latency, approaching DRAM performance, but at a much lower price point. While ULLtraDIMM can achieve several hundred thousand IOPS, the real value is the much lower latency. For applications that require BOTH high through-put and low latency at the same time, ULLtraDIMM is a game changer.

Randy Cohen, Senior Director of Firmware and Software Management, lead the discussion on design and technology considerations that went into creating the ULLtraDIMM – from power and heat demands, to device architecture, DIMM benefits hardware challenges and NAND endurance – delegates got to dig deep (very deep!) into the technology that enables this new tier of storage. (So deep – some are coming back to do their homework:



If you missed the live stream of SFD5, you can watch the presentations below

. What a great time to be in the Storage industry! You can follow the conversation on Twitter with #SFD5 hashtag and at @SanDiskDataCtr

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